The 2019 QST Key Design Competition

Hams have been building their own Morse keys since the dawn of Amateur Radio, and some creations have become legend. In 2019, QST is inviting participants to submit their best Morse key/paddle designs in the QST Key Competition. Design styles can include straight key, semiautomatic key (bug), paddle, or sideswiper. The winner in each category will receive $250. Only one entry may be accepted per person or team, and the deadline to submit is June 1, 2019.

Entries must include the actual key (it will be returned following judging), as well as detailed drawings, photos, and a written narrative. Winners will be chosen based on ingenuity of design, ergonomics of operation, and overall craftsmanship. The judges' decisions are final.

The key must be an independent mechanical device, not an integral part of another device, such as an electronic keyer. Keys must be the sole creations of the entrants and not available for sale.

Complete details and entry requirements will appear in the January 2019 edition of QST. The digital edition will go live on Friday, December 7, 2018.

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