Upcoming CW activity

The EU QRP Foxhunt proudly presents:

"One QSO Challenge" (OQC)

To promote and  encourage  the use of low-power CW + homebrewing, all kind of rigs & antennas (simple and/or high-tech), all radio amateurs are invited to join us weekly for 90 minutes of "CW fun" (even if you join us for only a few minutes and make just a single QSO, which means that you earn the "One-QSO-Challenge" trophy for this week).

Weekly each Sunday and Monday, starting June 2, 2019  ending September 30, 2019

Each Sunday:
From 08:30 UTC till 10:00 UTC (operate any time it is convenient for you)
QRG: 10.116 -10.126 kHz  and / or 14060-14070 kHz.

Each Monday:
From 18:30 UTC till 20:00 UTC (operate any time it is convenient for you)
QRG:  3560-3570 kHz and or 7030-7040 kHz.

Rules: There are actually NO rules! We only ask you:

  1. Adapt your CW speed to the brave OM who is willing to listen to ur weak sigs.
  2. Homebrew rigs are highly recommended! "H/B" = fully Homebrewed or commercial kits (built by yourself / by ur friend)
  3. We still do promote QRP, however using 5W output is no longer mandatory. So any power level up to max. 25W should be used.
  4. Foxes, i.e. stations calling CQ, must  call CQ OQC DE...ur callsgn....
  5. Chaser or Hunter is any station answering a Fox station.
  6. NEW: every Fox and/or Hunter can upload a log to our web logbook: http://foxhunt.uba.be/fox-hunt-log (pse first apply for a password by an informal email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Then we'lldo the rest ).
  7. Of course, during the Summer Season all outdoor activities like  /P /MM etc... are highly recommended.
  8. Last commandment: let's have some fun!

Website link: http://foxhunt.uba.be/

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