Morse Code Proficiency Awards

Written by HB9AFH Huber Hugo.

to the following hams who are among the latest to have passed the HTC Morse Code Proficiency Exam:
HB9EGA Marcin 60BpM, HB9BPH Heinz 60BpM, OE7AFI Arnold 80BpM+100BpM - OE1OMA Gudrun 80BpM - OE1EBC Ernst 120BpM - OE1TKW Helmut 120BpM - HB9EFH Angel Diplom+80BpM Morsekurs Luzern, - HB9DBK Hanspeter Diplom 60BpM - Morsekurs Luzern - OP HB9ZCW 60BpM-Diplom, Morsekurs Luzern - HB9KOG Robert 120BpM - HB9DDE Urs 80BpM + 100BpM - OE3VBU Martin 80BpM - HB9DQL Jürg 80BpM+100BpM, - HB9AYR Werner 80BpM - HB9BMD Hugo 80BpM
This achievement confirms first of all that the candidate can concentrate and keep up with the stated Morse Code speed for four minutes without any interruption. At a speed of 80 cpm and beyond, this is a good foundation for being able to conduct a live QSO in practice. To train for keying and receiving in your head, the next recommended step is memory training. Our preferred Morse Code training software, HB9HQX 6.0, offers help in memory training along with much more! Take a look at the program's help files or get in touch with us!