HQX text passages

Additional information about self-study and the Morse Code course

Random text
When you work with HB9HQX Morse 5, you can read in your own customized text passages. Not just as a normal text file but also as a random text. For a random text, one sequence of words is on one line, and for passages with multiple lines of text, the lines are selected and output at random. (see the Help). Such texts are provided here for everyone to use.
Memory training
Advanced amateur radio telegraph operators should over time increase their skills and be able to both send and receive words directly from their memories. In amateur radio, being able to respond to a random question posed to you represents a higher degree of difficulty. For the professional radio operators of yesteryear the situation was different; the text of the questions was always sent using a template, the answer also always followed a pattern and there was always time in between.
Memory training is not only for advanced operators, it can be used for any major jump up in speed. Read about the use of memory training in the "Help" or in the HTC News Bulletin 15/1 (in German).
Such text passages, converted into an MP3 file, are well suited for listening while on the road! 
HQX Memory and Random Text
Kind of text Remarks File
 Memory training  see HTC-News 15/I 4-letter words
 Memory training   1000 english words
 Memory training  Q codes Q codes
 Memory training  Abbreviations Abbreviations
 Random text   Paul DST Daily quotes 1
 Random text  Paul DST Proverbs
 Random text  Paul DST technical oriented txt  training text

HQX stories

Kind of Text Remarks  File
Samuel as a painter 1   english, Part 1  Samuel Teil 1
Samuel as a painter 2   english, Part 2  Samuel Teil 2
Samuel as a painter 3   english, Part 3  Samuel Teil 3

MCT text passages 

Sometimes it's not possible to listen to the Morse Code Training broadcasts that are sent each Monday evening. For such cases we here offer the ability to load the pure text files seen below. In this way, you can catch up on or repeat any MCT sessions you have missed on your own computer using the HQX training software.

Because these are pure text files, every person can set the speed as appropriate for their needs. An example file shows how you can use embedded text macros to let the MCT session run fully automatically.

Type of text MCT text
  text only, mixed MUS_50
  text only, mixed MUS_51
  text only, mixed MUS_52
  text only, mixed MUS_53
  text only, mixed MUS_54
  text only, mixed MUS_56
  text only, mixed MUS_58
  text only, mixed MUS_63
  text only, mixed MUS_64
  text only, mixed MUS_67
  text only, mixed MUS_69
  text only, mixed MUS_70
  text only, mixed MUS_71
Example: MCT with "macros" - let it run automatically MUS_71b


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